Predavanje o fizici elementarnih čestica

U ponedeljak, 25. februara, na Prirodno-matematičkom fakultetu u Nišu biće održano predavanje

Elementary Particle Physics
Journey to the Innards of Our Universe

Predavač će biti dr Maciej Trzebiński (Institut za nuklearnu fiziku, Poljska akademija nauka, Krakov). Predavanje počinje u 17:00 h u amfiteatru PMF-a. Predavanje je na engleskom jeziku, ulaz je slobodan.

Abstract: During the seminar we will briefly discuss the most fundamental questions: what is the Universe made of?, what are the rules guiding its evolution?, what are its origins?, and what is its destiny? Our journey will start from a brief description of tools used for such studies: particle accelerators and detectors. On example of the Higgs boson discovery, I will explain how new particles can be observed. Then, I will sum up our current best knowledge about the most basic structure of Universe. Finally, I will list some, still unanswered, questions.

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