Predavanje: Istorija kosmologije

Departman za fiziku Prirodno-matematičkog fakulteta u Nišu organizuje naučno-popularno predavanje:


Prof. Dr. Graham Hall
Institute of Mathematics,
University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

MESTO: svečana sala PMF-a (br. 100)

VREME: utorak, 20. maj 2014. godine od 14:00 časova

Predavanje se organizuje na predlog prof. dr Ljiljane Radović (Mašinski fakultet, NIš)

Abstract: This talk will start by distinguishing between cosmology and astronomy and will then discuss the history of cosmology from about 1900, onwards. It will describe the general situation in astronomy in 1900 and then progress to cosmology through the attempted solving of the difficult distance problem (how far away are stars?). Next, the great debate about whether our galaxy, The Milky Way, is the only galaxy, or whether there are others, will be discussed. This leads naturally to the work of Hubble in the 1920s, Hubble’s law, the expansion of the universe and the role played by Einstein’s general relativity theory. Some of the difficulties with this work will then be analyzed and the Steady State theory of cosmology will be introduced. It will be shown how these problems were solved in the period 1948-1965, leading to the demise of the Steady State theory and the establishment of the standard cosmological model. Finally some more recent work on cosmology will be discussed, including dark matter and dark energy.

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